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Yaye Sherer 801.280.6344
Loida Torres 801.915.1217
Sonia Aquino 818.585.6327
Edna Rubi 801.561.7182

Our Story....

Our Story...

Our story began when "he got down on his knees, proposed, and put a ring on her finger, and she happily said "yes!"....

The next thing the newest bride-to-be did, was to call her friend, Yaye, whom she knew she could count on for help with the overwhelming details of her most awaited special day. Excitedly, Yaye then called her cultural dance group food committee co-chair, Loida, for her expertise in planning the most cost effective menu for 200 guests.

As they made progress with the preparation for their friend's big day, another talented member of their dance group, Sonia, was called upon to join in because, although Yaye and Loida knew that together, they could come up with the most delicious spread for their friend's reception, they felt that Sonia would be very savvy not only with the food presentation, but would also be great with the accounting and budgeting aspect of this venture. Just when the three thought that their project was coming along smoothly in terms of catering for this wedding reception, they thought about offering an option to the bride and groom to also include with their package, the set-up of the hall with table linens, chair covers, decor, and all. Because they actually knew Edna, who happened to have most everything the couple needed for this special occasion, they decided that she would be a welcome addition to their team, who could do all that and more. Inviting her to take care of all the event planning aspects of this reception completed the partnership that successfully carried out this couple's dream wedding celebration.

And that's just how it all started for these four enterprising women whom you would always find to be actively engaged in good causes in their respective communities. As previously mentioned, they are board members and dancers of a cultural ensemble, so potlucks during rehearsals and parties are part of their regular activities, giving way to their culinary skills being discovered. There is no doubt that they share common passion for cooking, baking, decorating and entertaining.

Why Star?

Why Star?

So what's in a name? The "STAR" came as a result of combining the initials of the last names of these four like-minded friends who just successfully provided their friend an unforgettable celebration of a milestone in her life through their commendable catering and event planning. Indeed, A "STAR" Is Born... S for Sherer (Yaye), T for Torres (Loida), A for Aquino (Sonia) and R for Rubi (Edna ).

When you decide to use "STAR Events Catering of Utah" to celebrate SPECIAL occasions in your lives, you can count on extra-ordinary service not just from one or two, but from all four and sometimes, even eight, including their most supportive spouses, in providing you all that you need to CELEBRATE in a stress-free way. No need to run all over town for your party needs, "STAR" could be your one-stop shop.

Whether you have a need for a full service caterer that could provide food, staff to serve, decor, linen rentals for your gathering of any size, or you just want a drop-off catering service with simple and easy reheating instructions for yourself to serve, STAR Events Catering is here for you. Yaye, Loida, Sonia & Edna could custom prepare or offer you package selections that best suit your budget.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, the "STAR Events Catering of Utah" co-owners offer you combined years of experience in event planning, restaurant and food industry, as well as, customer and people service. The "STAR" team experts pride themselves on being professional, hard working and friendly. Providing you with superior service, best presentation with attention to detail are its top priority. When you give "STAR" a try, you just might never say goodbye!

Our Background...

Our Background...

Having been born and raised in the Philippines, where it is not uncommon to eat at least six times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between, including one at midnight, there is no wonder they not only enjoy cooking, but they also love eating (although you couldn't tell judging from their stature).

Food adventures for these partners take them to trying out different delicacies from all cultures when opportunities come along. Filipino cuisine, having influenced by diverse backgrounds, is a mix of Chinese, Malay, Spanish & American taste. And while each one of them has their own style influenced by their regionalistic differences, it actually makes for a perfect combination.

In the midst of their early preparation for their first big event for the friend's wedding reception, while collaborating the final details, these fabulous women, decided that once they officially form their partnership in venturing to something that they all so strongly share a common passion for, they've agreed to contribute to Charity once they become profitable.

Shortly after that decision was made, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines coincidentally on November 8, 2013. It was an exceptionally, world record breaking, powerful tropical cyclone that killed thousands of their countrymen and displaced thousands more of impoverished families. These partners didn't waste any time and decided to help raise funds by selling their sumptuous Eggrolls. There was indeed "love from every bite" as members of the community joined hands in supporting those affected by the devastation. It was very heartwarming to realize that their hardwork paid off and they were able to donate all the net proceeds to organizations supporting victims of Typhoon Haiyan. They gave to Charity even before they officially opened their door for business. Although they never intended to form a non-profit organization, it is part of their mission to always be an active contributor for good, as they commit to serve not just their prospective customers, great cuisine with their exceptional service, but to be able to afford to set aside a portion of their gains to benefit those who are in need.

It was after the "I DO's" were exchanged and the celebration and fun was had by all, during the time of evaluation, that these four friends and about to become business partners for life, came up with what they want their company to be officially called and be known for... A "STAR" is born unofficially that day.